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people in the queue. suggested amendment. councilmember wilson then wong. >> you don't want to be dumped somewhere. you want to be mentored. that is different from the amendment. maybe we can add to that in our executive -- when you do take a leadership role mentoring maybe two months before the person comes into the office of the other person. i would hope that would not happen, but no one wants to take the leadership roles. that's why we take the seats to encourage other people to take leadership positions. i hope we never have that and every one of us would love the opportunity to do something as dynamic as you have done for three different mayors. >> chair: thank you. councilmember wong followed by mr. stein. >> councilmember wong: i can understand everyone's feeling about taking a leadership. i was a person not into leading committees. slowly but surely, like i said earlier, i'm slowly getting up to that rank. i was just appointed to the m d c's physical assets committee, my little training. maybe in the future i can become the chair of the mayor's disability council. i
? >> councilmember wong: i like to dominate idell wilson. nominate. (correction) nominate (laughter) >> i would really say, i would be honored. i would like to third, for wendy to have a second year. >> chair: you are declining the nomination? are there any further nominations? seeing none, okay, this is where we have to reserve the public comment. we have a motion on the floor. we have a second. do we have any public comment? check the bridge line, not working. seeing none, we have ballots passing around. >> (off mic) >> chair: all in favor for the re-election of co-chair james, for a second year, say aye, a raise your right hand. >> aye. >> chair: by unanimous vote, co-chair has been reelected for a second year. do you wish to give a speech? >> i will continue to learn. by mail. so you can continue to teach me, and tap my arm, when i'm doing something wrong. i'm sure carla and joanna and everyone else will keep me in-line. >> i can still tune into you guys. i happened to tune in to a meeting, a committee meeting a couple of weeks ago and i called in beforehand. i had a feed in to your comm
, yes. ms. wong, yes.e$[b:sóñ ms. fore, yes. ms. maufas yes. ms. mendoza, yes.y>íojs ms. -- >> i believe gloria moalt is here the director of-4#kwñ the indian education program. >> good evening everybody.mmçz commissioners and superintendent. i amnu this recognition on behalf of the indian education program title 7 the parent advisory committee, teachers, students and the community in general. the indian education program is a federally funded program that supports the unique educational and cultural academic needs of the american indian alaskan native students and we come out of the office of instruction where state funded programs are housed andi!)mdn< our office is currently at cesar chavez elementary school bungalow 2. this program is unique because it requires a parent advisory committee to be set in place to guide the distribution of funds and the committee is comprised of parents guardians, teachers, youth representative, community members and the pac looks at district data and determines the follow
you. >> okay. let's have a roll call. >> ms. lee, yes. ms. wong, yes. ms. fewer, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes. dr. maurice, aye. dr. nor ton, yes. ms. wynns, aye. mr. yee, yes. >> i call the public hearing and adoption between the district and the auto mechanics local 1414. there is a motion and second? >> so moved. >> i second. >> reading and recommendation by the superintendent or designee. mr. ruiz. >> thank you, president yee. the -- this tentative agreement is with our auto machinists, local 1414, and again the requested action is that the board conducts a public hearing and adopts the tentative agreement and related public disclosure document. i want to thank the crafts bargaining teams which laid the foundation for this agreement and in particular art gonzalez, the field rep for the machinis machinists. >> i'd like to say, you know, to tom and your team, you know, a job well done. this has been a really good year, and you've work really hard. and these agreements, as everybody knows, this just doesn't come automatically. so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i'd al
's office, and if that's it, ms. wong, here. thank you. >> stand and join with the pledge of allegiance. erasxxmj4(p&c"p% america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, liberty and justice for all. pngeddle thank you for joining us today. our one and only meeting in november. so this is thanksgiving, that's coming up. so just to remind you that usually on[/g;a50e thanksgivings generally the -- where you scheduled the second meeting and we don't have the second meeting. so for all of you that are anxious tokñ?ñ? get to a second meeting, i'm sorry. we won't be able to have a meeting in november. item a, approval of board 26, 2012, second. any corrections? roll call please. >> thank you. ms. lee, y-ñ?ñ?es. ms. wong, yes. ms. feuer, ms. -- dr. murase, yes. >> that's five ayes. >> item b preparations to the superintendent report tonightfjr his thoughts. superintendent craza. that's listening and watching on tv. because this is the only meetin? in november i had a few thoughts so i will be as quick as possible. by saying that on behalf ofbr:?e san francisco unified school dist
of the shooter. >>> this left victims in two different locations. claudine wong will tell us how a person got impacted by the gunfire. >>> we are waiting word from an expected guilty plea in a wide ranging police corruption scandal. former contra costa county chief normal wells is said to plead guilty to five charges. includes stealing marijuana. and methamphetamines and stealing cash and cellphones from prostitutes. we have a crew at the courthouse and we will have an update on channel 2 news at six. >>> police are warning people in palo alto to be cautious while walking in the downtown area. this is after several women were assaulted in the early morning hours janine will tell us about this. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this happened here. and underneath the blue tarp is one of the victims. she is homeless and in her 70s. i spoke to her off camera and i saw her face. she is beaten very badly. she has two black eyes and is traumatized. >> this man came to check on bunny. she tells us she is scared and upset. she was punched in the head repeatedly by a man who reached into her pockets l
, amen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ms. lee here. ms. wong here. thank you. >> stand and join with the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the erasxxmj4(p&c"p% flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under;oh b?÷ god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. pngeddle thank you for joining us today. our one and only meeting in november. so this is thanksgiving, that's coming up. so just to remind you that usually on[/g;a50e thanksgiving week is generally the -- where you scheduled the second meeting and we don't have the second meeting. so for all of you that are anxious tokñ?ñ? get to a second meeting, i'm sorry. we won't be able to have a meeting in november. item a, approval of board minutes for the regular meetings of june 12, 2012, june 26 2012 octo is there aú÷ qzñ?ñ? motion? >> move adoption of they( >> i second. >> any corrections? roll call please. >> thank you. ms. lee, y-ñ?ñ?es. ms. wong, yes. ms. feuer, ms. -- dr. murase, yes. >> that
on my right to your left is cadet -- jordan wong, michael>! mitchell wong. they're actually brothers,<-fb3g@y the wong brothersqyqqj here. and,í=o years the lowell team has been there four years in a row and it had never been done before and competed for the championship two out of the four years so i'm extremely proud of them. every year, summer,óéc they five day grueling6xe pretty much like jeopardy. we're going to share with you a two minute video what any went through and share with you a couple of questions and see if we can answer them out here, a couple of questions that these guys had to answer during the competition. so, again, thank you for having us, and i'll play the video here in a second. this is not mine. this is yours. >> and we're going to present to you ac1nydjcouple of commendations. this is an official commendation from the secretary of defense, the honorable leon panetta. i won't&nsbo read the whole message but he says to all the the cadets competing for the academic bowl championship acce
. >>> a car violently crashed into a fire hydrant. claudine wong has exclusive information on what handed out there. claudine? >> reporter: it started as a red light stop, the driver goes through a red light and keeps going until he gets to he is section and -- essex and folsom. i want to give you a look because you can see san francisco police are in the process of shutting down essex street. now the water has been shut off and we showed you that in the last half hour but there is a new problem. if we pan over here, take a look at the construction site. you can see the scaffolding is compromised with some of the metal beams going down. the firefighter said he is not sure if that is stable or if that structure is compromised so if they can get the construction guys out here to make sure that it's not about to fall, they have shut down this street and they don't know when it will reopen. let me show you video from when all of this happened because there was quite a mess out here. it was shotting an estimated 30 feet in the air and 50,000 gallons came out before they were able to shut it off. a
-motor accessibility advisory committee presented by councilmember wong. >> councilmember wong: today i will update the council and the public of two projects. podesta and accessible signals; -- provided information about pedestrian signals referred to as apc. special pedestrian pushbuttons at intersections to visually impaired, audible speech and tactile messages. apms are currently placed at 129 intersections. 29 to be installed in the next 2-3 years. how aps are prioritized? crosswalk length program for visually impaired. city/public programs. proximity to transit facility. speed limit. examples of upcoming aps installation locations. 19th ave. and l inconln way. 25th ave. at - . sometimes people cannot hear the countdown. these devices can be adjusted by staff. number two, complete streets. this project is in early-stage. seeks to implement aesthetic and safety improvements or users of -- street between mcallister and union streets. in accordance with the city transit policy, improvements will primarily focus on - polk street. it is slated to be resurfaced and repaved sometime in 2015. sat
at noon, ktvu's claudine wong joins us live to explain who is in custody and the team effort it took to track them down. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon. three men from vallejo behind bars at this hour for a series of robberies that took place here at the toll plaza. the chp said the robbers would pull up to the booth in ski masks, get out of the car, pull out a weapon and demand money. it happened at least ten times, starting at the end of 2011 through may of 2012. an estimated 5,000 stolen. >> i think it was a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: this man says he figured out who the suspects were in august. david more rales was already behind bars for a different crime. christopher miller was arrested last wednesday in fair field. yesterday morning, 43-year-old robert white was arrested for a traffic stop in vallejo. napa found evidence of the robberies while serving search warrants in a different investigation. >> during the search warrants on those residences, we found evidence of other crimes in several different counties. >> we found associates of those peop
will stay open 24 hours until 10:00 p.m. on christmas eve. while that may seem excessive to some, evan wong says it works for him. >> it is nice because i have had work all week. nice they ar4 hours. i can get my gifts for my family. >> now evan wong who works for oracle says it is too late to shop on-line because the gifts won't get delivered by christmas day. and the daly city police is increasing patrols here because after 11:00 macy's is going to be the only store open in this entire mall. reporting live in daly city, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. >>> still to come, the abc7 news i team takes on a dangerous south bay intersection. dan noyes looks into the problem and a possible solution. >> and a toddler stuck in a run away shopping cart. a police officer comes in to help. >> and we are tracking the storm as more rain heads our way. what you can expect when we return. >> all of that is coming up and then later on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" more as the nra breaks its silence with a call to put armed guards in america's schools as new york city's mayor m
oakland lake merritt and they are being treated for serious injuries. claudine wong is outside the oakland police headquarters with the very latest details on their condition. >> reporter: i talked to to an oakland police sergeant within the last hour. still very early on. keep in mind there is two different crime scenes. officers have been to both crime scenes. they have been to the hospital talking to the four victims. let's take you what happened overnight. all of the victims are in serious condition but all expected to survive. police say they got multiple 911 calls about 10:20 last night. people calling in to tell them they heard multiple gunshots. they got to the 600 block of east 18th and found three victims in their 20s. two men and one woman who was standing on the street where more than one gunman started firing. but that was only one crime scene three blocks away they found another with yet another victim. a man in his 50s that was also hit bedpan fire. >> right now it appears he is an unintended target and he was getting ready to go into the liquor store. >> >> reporter: he is
in the center of columbus avenue. thank you very much. >> howard wong followed by susan mccull ac and those are the last two members of the public. >>> good afternoon, howard wong with save muni.com. i'm a native of north beach and a lifelong muni rider. i agree that the resolution language needs to be amended so that it's much stronger in purposefully assuring that there would be no large digging and construction on columbus avenue. i think that the options are not only possible, but they're engineering architecturally very plausible. the option 2 that many people have mentioned may have some other benefits that you may consider. as you know, the central subway project has increased in price steadily over the years. the 1.58 billion dollars that it currently is at, according to the pre-ffga risk evaluation that was created by mta and the fta does indicate that there is a probability of a cost increase. there are many large infrastructure projects. in fact, there have been studies of large infrastructure projects that indicate that almost all large infrastructure projects go over budget. an
on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we have more details on the shooting investigation at the oregon mall. here is more on what investigators are saying about the gunman's intentions. >> reporter: they say this was an apparently random act and that he didn't appear to be targeting anybody when he fired as many as 60 shots. the identity of those victims will be released later today. we have some cell phone video which shows victims with their hands up as they cleared them out yesterday afternoon. the mall santa claus heard shots and hit the floor. he was wearing camouflage and firing an assault rifle. a teenage girl was badly hurt and one woman heard shots while getting her hair done at the mall. >> i can't believe this actually happened in the community i have drone up my whole life and the mall i have been to hundreds of times -- hundreds of times. >> officers heard him say i am the shooter and the shooter took his own life. right now they are trying to piece together how it all unfolded. >> the active shooter situations, intense situation
a fire hydrant at folsom and essex near the onramp to the bay bridge. claudine wong is out there. are they getting close to reopening it yet, claudine? >> reporter: well, close, probably not but they are doing some important work right now. within the last half-hour since we last checked in with you, the crews for this scaffolding company have started to arrive. once the bus gets out of the way, you can see the work they are doing. what they told me they need to do is repair the collapsed bottom part of the scaffolding. once they do that -- and that could take a while -- then they will test it to make sure it is safe. if you pan across essex, you can see the entire area is shut down. that's because the fire department is out there. if there's any question about the structural integrity. this is entrance to the bay bridge. traffic at this point, just has to go around. let me show you video from this morning. it was about 3:0 that a san francisco police officer try -- 3:30 that a san francisco police officer tried to stop a vehicle. that vehicle hit the fire hydrant. now, the water
and had contributory periods, a number for five years. davidal enbecause, 15 years. lulu wong, remarkable 30 years. there is also a description of two grants that will department has also recently received. * >> commissioners, item 11, review of past week's events at the board of supervisors, board of appeals, and historic preservation commission. >> good afternoon, commissioners, andrea rodgers, planning department staff.
, may we initiated roll call please. >> present today we have councilmembers wong, wilson, burkett, james, parson. >> item 2, reading and approval of agenda. with mr. stein.. >> here i am again. regular meeting, mayors disability council. one, welcome, introduction roll call. two, approval of the agenda. three, public comment, four, report from the chair. five, report from the director of the mayor's office of disability. six, report of the transportation plan update. seven, community perspective of supportive housing and sros eight, action item. nine, action item, proposed amendment to the mdc by laws. -- elven, multimodal accessibility committee update. eleven, public comment. that was 12, 13, correspondent, 14 councilmember comments and announcements. 15 adjourn. >> thank you. moving on the public comment agenda item number three. i have one speakers card here. our friends across the day ms. denise jacobson, with the oakland mayor's commission. we welcome you. anyone else who wishes to speak after her? please step forward. >> thank you. i'm very happy to be here today. i am th
wong? >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> miss murase? >> yes. >> miss mendoza? >> yes. >> dr. murase? >> yes. >> miss norton. >> mr. yee. >> seven ayes. >> i would like to bring up laura, who is going to be traveling to bangladesh and is the project coordinator on this and also amy, who is here based here in san francisco. and i would also like to ask the students to come up and join them. they have four days before they leave for bangladesh. they leave saturday morning to washington, d.c. to meet their other colleagues, 30 other students out of the 120 that applied. and they will go from d.c. to -- you guys are flying into -- to dubai and from dubai into dhaka. and they will spend four weeks in bangladesh, two weeks with a host family. a week in the man groves in the forest on a boat and a week doing service learning. congratulations. dana, or laura, if you would like to come up and say a little something. >> hi. i am the international program manager at world savvy. i was introduced to this organization because my roommate several years ago pulled me out of bed on
is wednesday december 26th, dave clark is off this morning. >> i am claudine wong, let's take a look at your weather, mark it is still wet out there. >> yes, all of a sudden we have a downpour and we have some rapid showers moving across the bay area. notice the snow showers and snow out towards the sierra and we still have lingering showers and tracking some of this activity out towards mill valley it does core respond to heavier rainfall rates. we have a quicker update with tara, good morning tara. >> reporter: that's right, that rain is catching up with us and i sort of had some rain catch up with me on my way to work. there is no traffic to report, look at the east shore freeway and east shore freeway is moving well as you make your way to the mcarthur maze. >>> lorraine blanco is live with a power outage and any details with that, good morning lorraine. >> reporter: you can see there is no power in this neighborhood and pg&e is hard at work trying to restore power to as many customers as they can. a few hundred customers are without power off the 580 east in oakland and t
wong in for pam cook, it is december 27th. >> and mark is here for steve paulson. >> today we get a break and we can go outside without the umbrella and temperatures are off to a cool start, it is only 30 here but let's keep our eyes towards mendocino county, we could have a few showers towards ukiah. skies are becoming partly cloudy and we will look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and we will break down your next shower chances and right now we will check in with tara, good morning tara. >> good morning, right now we are going to take a live look on the east shore freeway and 101 san francisco same story, traffic is moving well as you make your way towards the airport. let's head back to the desk. >>> police are at the scene of an officer involved shooting in walnut creek. it happened in the area of creek side drive near interstate 880, christian captain arrived on scene, what do you know? >> as you said, this was an officer involved shooting. >> reporter: you can see heavy police presence and we have seen at least a dozen cruisers from walnut creek police and sheriff'
been indicted. tommy wong was shot and killed at his store in columbia pike in july. an arlington county grand jury indicted james caroline on capital murder and weapons charges. he's expected in court thursday when a trial date will be set. >> investigators need help to find a man suspected of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in her woodbrige home. the man posed as a cable company employee and threatened the victim to go into the home where he attacked her at knifepoint. the suspect is believed to be in his 20s with a medium build last seen wearing a gray jacket richard, black pants and dark dress shoes. >> there will be motions hearing today in the case against john leopold. he is charged with misconduct and misappropriation of funds. he had his security detail drive him to sexual encounters with the county employees and is accused of ordering police officers to create files on potential challengers. he denies the charges. >> d.c. councilman marion barry is touring up controversy again, this time for a in on the shape of the steep's police department. >> he says some offi
you. go ahead, next speaker. i'll call a couple more names to get ready. howard wong, judy berkowitz, arthur feinstein. rose brass. rose hill son. tess will born. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. mienname is sue vaughan. i'm with the sierra club. i'm asking you to vote against legislation amending local application of c-e-q-a. quite simply the legislation was put together without widespread public notification or input. * from san francisco residents . there are some serious issues that are going to take time for people like myself. i'm not a lawyer, to get my head around. and we need to have that time. the sierra club was not notified about this. we stumbled upon it. we deal with this kind of thing all the time. we were not invited. we were not a stakeholder. i am with the sierra club. one public notification about projects which the legislation proposes to significantly restrict regarding negative declarations. that's been restricted in this legislation. two, the window of opportunity in which san francisco residents can watch appeals of problem projects the america's cup whic
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 197 (some duplicates have been removed)